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Devian Zikri is a professional saxophonist, arranger, composer, and music engineer from Indonesia. He was born in Jakarta, Januari 30’th 1970 from parents Zikri Nizak and Sri Hastuti. He learned music since 15 years old with guitar as an instrument. when he was in high school he join his first band, Candika band, as a guitar player. They played Jazz Fusion music, such as GRP songs, lee ritenour, Koinonia, etc. At the age 0f 20,he witnessed the great Sax player in Indonesia, Maryono (rip) playing at Jamz pub Blok M. Devian really moved by his playing, and become interested in saxophone. He bought his first sax and started to learn from books. He taught himself, and some with the help of Maryono (rip) and Embong Rahardjo (rip). They gave him some guidance and tips.

In the age of 26 and just graduated from Universitas Trisakti Fakultas Ekonomi Jakarta, Indonesia, he applied to Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA and got a scholarship award. While studying in Boston, he gained experience by playing with students from all around the world, and played with some local musicians in Boston. He graduated from Berklee in 1999 with the honorary Magna Cum Laude.

In 2000, at the age of 30, Devian came back to Indonesia and started playing in some cafe's, pub among indonesia's top musician. At the year of 2002, Chico Hindarto, one of jazz music producer at that time, recognize his talent, and by listen to some of his composition. Chico aggree to produce and release his debut album, "Spring Time" on 2002. The album got well reviewed and nominated in Best Jazz Album of the year by AMI Awards (Anugerah Musik Indonesia).

Devian built his own recording studio, and began serious in composing, and also audio engineering. In 2008, One of major label in Indonesia, Platinum Records, recruit devian and signing him as their artist and produce his second album, entitled "Freedom of a Dream" and featuring a lot of Indonesia’s top musicians and singers including Andien, Tohpati, Mawar, Nita Aartsen, Donny Suhendra, Glenn Dauna, Iwan wiradz, and many others. After just a year the album is becoming a number one selling of jazz instrumentalist artist in Indonesia at that time.

In 2011, Devian released his third album still under Platinum Records, entitled "Morning Glance" featuring three of some of Indonesian finest Singer, Eka Deli, Eka Meilianawati, and Matthew Sayers. in 2014 Devian release this 4th album entitled "I Love You" featuring Eka Meilianawati and Bilanova

Today, Devian is active in Indonesia's music scene and performing and featuring alongside other artists, either in Indonesia's pop and jazz music